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Here you can find our secret recipe to make your product or service stand out in first position on Google.

First and foremost, what Google Ads are? Below you can find an example. It’s about ads appearing in Google Search Result Page before “organic” results. They are activated by specific keywords.

Google Ads are there in the moment that matters for your customer, when they are looking for your product or service. They are considered one of the most powerful and effective tools for Lead Generation.

annunci google

Our job here at Words Traders happens before and after we go live with a Google Ads. Let’s examine each phase and relative service we offer.


  • Competitor Analysis. We review your competitors thoroughly. We go through their web pages and marketing strategies.
  • Keyword Research. We examine all the keywords related to your product or service. We can find thousands of keywords for each campaign. You would be surprised.
keyword research


  • Keyword Mapping. To each keyword we assign a role and a relevant category for your consumer. This phase is crucial for ads definition and copywriting.
  • Consumer Funnel. We draw exactly what the Consumer Purchase Journey is so to come up with specific action plan for each stage.
keyword mapping consumer funnel


  • Ad Strategy. For each relevant thematic area detected in the previous steps, we copywrite perfect ads to capture your consumer’s attention.
  • Bidding Strategy. In Google Ads, each keyword is auctioned between competitors. The most relevant ad wins the first position on Google. It’s about quality and relevance, not money!
bidding strategy

After Step 3, we go online with our coveted ad. Fun begins now for us.


  • On Going Tracking. We track everyday every keyword’s performance in your campaign. We take part in thousands of auctions with hundreds of competitors anytime someone type a keyword in Google. High stakes require high attention.
  • Quality Score & SEO. Based on daily tracking, we take actions to improve your Ad Quality Score and elaborate SEO suggestions for your landing page. This is needed to always be in the best rank against your competitors.
quality score seo optimzation


  • Conversion Building. Main part of our job is to generate leads, so converting visitors to customers. It’s a long term task, it requires time and learn-by-doing everyday.
  • Remarketing. We address unconverted visitors to your website with specific remarketing campaigns in order to be there when they give a second thought about your product or service.
remarketing traffic sculpting

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